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The Mindview Service Oriented Architecture has an array of tools and services that simplify integration and interoperability with your IT infrastructure and applications, including Business Intelligence (BI) and Reporting tools.

The Challenge

CPM applications typically have native capabilities for reporting and analysis specific to CPM such as consolidation, planning, budgeting, forecasting, and profitability. However, quite often, organizations have a need to combine the CPM data with historical information using BI tools. In some cases, a standard BI/Reporting tool is already in place and must be leveraged or there is a requirement for dashboards and visualizations that combine CPM data with data from other sources on a unified set of reports. Many large enterprises have a diverse set of existing BI/Reporting tools and needs that may need to be integrated with the CPM platform.

Longview 7 and MicroStrategy are working together to provide enhanced reporting. Longview 7 has been optimized for use with MicroStrategy 9 and provides a seamless user interface between the applications for a tightly integrated CPM/BI solution. here to learn more about the features and benefits of our BI partnership with MicroStrategy. If you would like to learn more about the other Longview 7 BI Integration options,

The Features:

  • Service Oriented Architecture for easy integration and interoperability with any 3rd Party BI application including Mindview's strategic BI Partner, MicroStrategy
  • ODBC driver and Operational Data Store (ODS) for easy access to the multidimensional data and application logic
  • Hierarchies available in BI friendly slice-dice format
  • Batch triggers and event triggers can be used in conjunction with ODS
  • Native capabilities for CPM specific reporting and analysis

The Benefits:

  1. Seamless integration between CPM and BI
  2. Open reporting architecture with support for 3rd party BI/Reporting products including advanced integration with MicroStrategy 9
  3. Leverages existing applications and investments
  4. Facilitates best of breed implementations
  5. Dual benefit of using BI tools for BI specific analysis and CPM tools for CPM specific analysis

SOA Security supports companies at

  1. security for SOA infrastructures
  2. the implementation of Web Service Security Standards
  3. the realization of security rules for Web Services
  4. applying encryption and signature to existing Services per mouse click
  5. realizing authentication on basis of rights & roles for Web Services
  6. the administration of server entities in the SOA environment
  7. the modeling, administration and enforcement of integrated security processes

The Mindview securityRunTime (secRT) provides a security infrastructure for SOA solutions. Security Standards, implementation, administration and automation form the basis of this infrastructure. The solution may easily be enhanced with security mechanisms because of the flexible adapter concept.


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