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Oracle Cloud


Oracle Cloud offers a broad portfolio of software as a service applications, platform as a service, and social capabilities, all on a subscription basis. Oracle Cloud delivers instant value and productivity for end users, administrators, and developers alike through functionally rich, integrated, secure, enterprise cloud services.

Why Oracle?:

The Process of Requesting a user account in Active Directory and other applications when a new employee joins CUSTOMER is manual. There is no automated mechanism to be able to create accounts when an employee is hired on certain criteria or rules.

Application Services:

Oracle’s application services are best-in-class and span numerous mission-critical business functions such as sales and marketing, customer experience, human capital management, and enterprise resource planning.

Below diagram explains how complex is the current identity management system is at CUSTOMER.

Proposed IDM System :

The Proposed Oracle Identity Manager system will overcome the current CUSTOMER’s drawbacks in user provisioning and de provisioning

Social Services:

Oracle Social Relationship Management (SRM) services helps organizations use social data and channels to drive greater customer understanding, make better business decisions, and strengthen relationships.

Platform Services

MindView delivers value to its customers with a unique Oracle’s platform services enable rapid and effective development, testing, and deployment of enterprise-class business applications on the industry’s #1 database and #1 application server.

Common Infrastructure Services

Oracle's infrastructure services provide proven, reliable, secure infrastructure for all platform, application, and social services.


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