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Oracle Clinical or OC is a suite of applications used to support the clinical development process. It stores patient data collected during clinical (drug) trials and offers modelling features to tack the trial and monitor adverse events.
Oracle Clinical includes products like Oracle Clinical, Oracle Thesaurus Management System, Oracle Adverse Event Reporting System, Oracle Life Sciences Data Hub, etc. These applications can be deployed individually or together depending on customer requirements.

Why Oracle Clinical ?

  • Make clinical data well organized, easily accessible, and thoroughly documented to improve your chances of fully realizing the value of your experimental drugs

  • Integrate clinical and non-clinical data from multiple sources into an environment where it can be analyzed, visualized, and reported on

  • Use powerful study layout and design features, full edit check facilities, complete tracking, analysis, and reporting capabilities, remote data collection, and site-based entry

  • Model any kind of clinical study and automatically store components for reuse

  • Deploy the full line of clinical applications individually or together, allowing for incremental growth

  • Enhance productivity, aid compliance, and reduce risk across clinical development

    Clinical Research

    Robust Global Trial Management

    Clinical trials are increasingly global in nature, conducted concurrently across multiple geographies. Making trial information accessible to the right people at the right time with the right level of detail becomes ever more critical. Siebel Clinical Trial Management System enables global clinical organizations to maintain a centralized trial management database while providing users with the most relevant and appropriate information based on their specific roles and responsibilities. Thus, real-time trial information is available not only to clinical research associates managing individual sites, but also to regional managers responsible for geographic areas and to global trial managers managing global trials. Armed with the most current and relevant data, clinical users are able to spot problems earlier and take corrective actions sooner, reducing overall trial costs.


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